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 Information Management
Public searchable tariff table
Searchable tariff table for tariff classification available by Internet. Close
Intuitive help for tariff classification
Provides help beyond HS Tariff terminology to classify correctly goods in national tariff nomenclature. Close
Public access to all agency regulations
Searchable table of all regulations for all agencies applied at the time of import, export or transit through a single Internet application. Close
Public access to all trade agreements
Searchable table of all multilateral and bi-lateral trade agreements entered into by a nation and identified by tariff line items. Close
Public access to new regulation tarrif classified pre-issuance
Internet access to all proposed regulations in advance of issuance. Close
Pre-issuance tariff application determination
Prior to issuance, customs assists other government agencies in correct tariff classification where regulation will be applied. Close
Public access to all tariffs, taxes and fees
Public access to all tariffs, taxes and fees by all agencies applied at the time of import, export or transit. Close
Future date search for tariff rate and regulations
Public access to search for seasonal or trade agreement tariff reductions. Close
Submission point for classification inquiry
Internet access point for classification advice from the customs. Close
Submission point for binding ruling
Submission point for binding rulings for tariff classifications, valuation methodology. origin determination. Close
Public access data base of binding rulings and court decisions
Access point for previously issued binding rulings from the customs. Close
Submission point for appeal
Internet access point for appeals to seizures, penalties, or rulings by the customs. Close
Public access to regulation commentaries
Access to secondary interpretation commentaries on customs regulations or other government agencies regulations applied at the time of import, export or transit. Close
Electronic forms data base
Access to electronic forms for customs and other government agencies for permits, licenses, or forms used in the course of the business with customs or other government agencies at the time of border clearance. Close
News letter to public
Updates on information of general interest to the public on border activities. Close
Updated border instructions
Instructions for specific border crossings such as local processes, or expected clearance times. Close
B2G data submission for permits
Submission of all data for permits and licensing by government agencies for import export and transit. Close
G2G permits sharing (national level)
Sharing of data between government agencies for relevant permit and license data. Close
G2B permit approvals
Confirmation back of permit and license approvals form Government to Businesses for import, export or transit. Close
 Declarations, clearance and inspection
Automated Manifest acceptance
Provides for the electronic transfer of sea, air and land manifest from transporters in advance of conveyance arrival. Close
Automated Manifest processing
Provides for electronic tracing of reduction of manifested goods to customs declaration. Close
Declaration filing electronically
Capacity to file the customs declaration fully and completely without a paper declaration. While the system may support paperless declarations, the customs may still require the paper declaration. Close
G2G & G2B clearance approvals for licenses
Confirmation from government of clearance for import, export or transit from government to businesses. Close
Calculation of all duties taxes and fees
Contains a complete inventory of all duties, taxes, or other fees that imported goods are subject to. The system calculates the duties, taxes and fees based on the goods tariff classification. Close
Full HS and national tariff compliant
The system contains the completed Harmonized Tariff and the nation tariff nomenclatures as may be extended beyond the HS six digit level. Close
Customs work assignment management
Assists the customs in work load forecasting on a day to day basis at specified location to permit resource leveling between locations and assignments. Close
Multi-agency clearance management
Permits multiple agencies to coordinate consolidated inspections, where required or provides for inspection criteria to the customs where delegated to inspect and or sample in behalf of another agency. Close
WTO valuation compliance management
Provides historical records of same and similar merchandise for comparison in the establishment of valuation under GATT methods 2 and 3. Close
Data interface with tax systems
Provides data to national tax administration on revenues collected in their behalf and valuation of goods at import or export for VAT systems. Close
 Risk Management
Risk directives from external estimates
Programmable system for externally derived risk criteria for both positive (i.e. AEO participant) and negative risk factors. Close
Risk analysis and forecasting
Based on historical import and export data maintained within the system, identifies trends and patterns for risk of compliance or non-compliance with laws and regulations for all agencies participating in the system. Close
Trade participant identification
Permits the identification of all participants in the trade transaction from historical data within the system and may access external systems (i.e. business licensing or taxpayer identification numbers.) Close
Valuation histories
Provides historical records of same and similar merchandise for comparison for intelligence purposes for possible cases of undervaluation. Close
Automatic recalculation of risk level
Based on enforcement actions against importations, recalculates level of risks from all fields. Close
Inspection Selection Management
Assists in the selection of shipments for physical examination, examination of documents or goods release without examination for all agencies participating in the system. Close
Data mining
Permits data mining from all transaction data submitted. Close
G2G risk assessment sharing (national)
Multi-agency risk information on participants in trade transactions shared between government agencies. Close
Intelligence support
Provides tools from the report/gathering of raw intelligence to analytical tools for the processing of information into actionable items for risk management. Close
 Authorized Economic Operator
AEO program management
Provides management of AEO program for identification of AEOs, applications, audits, re-audit schedules, etc. Close
AEO audit tracking
Tracks the AEO audits and results. Close
AEO compliance feed to risk management
Provides results of AEO program status to risk management analysis and loops back for AEO non-conformance on examinations. Close
AEO confidence level assessments
Provides feed to risk management analysis on AEO participants to transaction. Close
AEO Program cost analysis
Tracks cost of AEO program. Close
Revenue collection and reporting
Permits the submission of electronic payment for all duties, taxes and fees due at the time of importation. Does not collect fees paid prior to importation, for example such as permit application fees paid prior to declaration. Close
B2G payment duties and taxes
Permits direct payment from Importer or exporter bank to government account for collection of duties and taxes. Close
Location of transiting trucks
Automated real time tracking of transit cargo systems. Close
Bonded goods management
Tracks goods entered under customs bonds or other securities. In the case of general bonds, automatically tracks the used and available bond limitations to flag shipments exceeding bond limits. Close
Temporary Import/Export management
Tracks goods entered under all temporary admission or export regimes to identify goods, flags potential shipments exceeding time limits. Close
Transit tracking and management
Tracks goods entered under a transit regime for re-export to identify goods that are exceeding transit time limitations and interfaces with bonding and security tracking. Close
Internal transport tracking / management
Tracks goods entered at a customs point for transit to an internal customs controlled location for clearance or storage prior to customs clearance. Close
Transit guarantees insurance (national)
Tracks guarantees for in-transit goods within one country. Close
Bonded goods warehouse management
Tracks the physical location and inventories of goods in bonded warehouse. Close
Person and vehicle tracking and lookouts
Tracking of persons and vehicles that may be engaged in the smuggling of goods. (not for the tracking of temporary entry status of persons for immigration purposes.) Close
Arrest reporting and tracking
Provides database of information on persons arrested, tracks arrest status through to release or conviction. Close
Search inventory controls
Provides automated support for evidence tagging and inventory controls during execution of search warrants. Close
Seizure and Penalty Management
Tracks from declaration seizures and penalties to validate enforcement actions and seizure inventories. Close
Penalty issuance
Automated system for the issuance of penalties for alleged violations. Close
Penalty tracking
Tracks status of penalty actions including submission of appeal, appeal review, and appeal outcome from point of issuance to final resolution. Close
Penalty action closure
Records final action on penalty cases and traces back at the regional, office and individual officer level the final result of enforcement actions for interface with KPIs and statistical tracking. Close
Penalty related cost tracking
Tracks the related costs to penalty actions for performance measurements. Close
Seizure issuance
Automated issuance of seizure record identifying particulars of seized goods, marking, tagging and identification, participants in the seizure, and witness statements. Close
Seizure tracking for status
Identifies both status in any appeal or court process. Close
Seizure cost tracking
Tracks cost related to seizures. Close
Seizure inventory controls
Tracks physical location of seized goods and chain of evidence. Close
Audit Selection and Management
Identifies companies for validation of risk assumptions through compliance auditing. Manages audit workload including time and resource allocation. Close
Audit record keeping
Provides templates for audit reports and other forms needed in audit process. Keeps records of audits performed. Close
Audit result reporting
Provides automated record of audits for future reference. Close
Audit cost tracking
Tracks cost of audit program with breakout to individual audits. Close
Enforcement audit / Investigation tracking
Provides tools for reporting of enforcement audits and investigations. Close
Compliance measurement audit selection
Automated system suggests audit selectees for annual audit program planning. Close
Investigations Managment
Tracks cost and time of investigations for potential claims against violators for proven cases of non-compliance. Tracks and projects investigative costs relative to investigation projected impact for cost to return on investment of investigative activity. Close
Investigations reporting
Provides database for entry of investigative reports. Close
Investigations cost tracking
Tracks cost of all investigative activities including officer time. Close
Appeals process managment
Includes provisions for electronic filing of appeals against penalties and seizures. Tracks appeal timelines and results of appeals against seizures and penalties. Close
 Global Cooperation
Multinational transit bond issuance
Application for multinational customs transit bond with participating countries. Close
Multinatinal transit bond clearance
Multi-national bond clearance on arrival at country of final import or exit to a non-participatory country. Close
G2G permits sharing (international level)
Sharing of permits and licenses from one government to another government (e.g. permit to export with end use conditions from one customs to another customs). Close
Transit guarantees (multi-national)
Tracks multi-national transit guarantees based on regional or international convention. Close
G2G risk assessment sharing (international)
Customs to customs risk assessments shared. (i.e. confirmation of AEO program participant for mutual recognition). Close
 Quality Management
Tracking of trade statistics
Calculates WTO required and other programmable trade statistics without export of data to an external system. Close
Tracking of Key Performace Indicators
Capable of programming to track KPIs as may be developed on volume of workload and times for clearance process with breakout to locations, teams and individuals. Close
Data for process and workflow designs
Tracks process steps with time stamps for workflow redesign and simplification. Close
 Systems Support
Multi lingual data
System programmable for data recorded and filed with the system in multiple languages. Close
Multi lingual screens
System screens programmable in national language. Close
Security features to track system changes
System requires user identification to access and records and tracks queries, entry of data, or modification of data by user, location and date/time of activity. Close
Reusable data
Submissions from B2G and G2B in a reusable format to prevent re-key errors. Close
Legally binding public information
Information in above fields for public information on Internet legally binding on at time of inquiry. Close